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However plausible it sounds, the oppositional culture theory cannot explain why the acting-white problem is greatest in integrated settings. Even if investment in education does not actually lead to improved productivity, Spence explained, talented, motivated workers will still invest time and energy on education simply to signal their value to employers.

It nonetheless provides a clue to what is going on. When Ferguson detected an anti-intellectual culture among blacks in the local high school, Shaker Heights became virtually synonymous with the problem of acting white. According to Fryer, achievement — in this context — is interpreted as an out-group behavior.

Unfortunately, when students are asked to judge their own popularity, they can be expected to provide a rosier scenario than is warranted. These data may help to explain one of the more puzzling findings in the research on the relative advantages of public and private schools.

The number of high-achieving minority students in the average school is fewer than the number of high-achieving white students.

Potential Objections Could high-achieving minority students be more socially isolated simply because there are so few of them. And that erosion will be exacerbated in contexts that foster more interethnic contact. I observe a similar pattern among Hispanics, with males beginning to lose friends at lower GPAs and at a faster clip, though the male-female differences are not statistically significant.

The notion that acting white is simply attributable to self-sabotage is even less persuasive. The average black year-old reads at the level of a typical white year-old, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress Perie, Moran and Lutkus To see whether this disparity could explain my findings, I adjusted the data to eliminate the effect of differences in the number of students at each school with similar GPAs.

Of course, it is possible that the social rewards for achievement do not vary among ethnic groups in the United States.

It's time to abandon the 'acting white' theory once and for all

The social costs of a high GPA are most pronounced for adolescent males. My analysis confirms that acting white is a vexing reality within a subset of American schools.

In fact, the effect of acting white on popularity appears to be twice as large in the more-integrated racially mixed schools as in the less-integrated ones. Bad workers do not mind this confusion because they might earn the same pay as good workers without actually having to be good at their jobs.

That theory is more a judgment than an explanation. Now that it has entered the national consciousness—perhaps even its conscience—the term has become a slippery, contentious phrase that is used to refer to a variety of unsavory social practices and attitudes and whose meaning is open to many interpretations, especially as to who is the perpetrator, who the victim.

Acting White A. Introductory paragraph 1. Stuart's conception of acting white is defined. a. This term is used by African American students who view other African American students excelling in. Jun 07,  · It is painfully well known that in America, black students lag behind white students in essentially all measures of academic achievement.

Especially distressing is that many black students who might otherwise succeed are discouraged from doing so by peers who accuse them of “acting white” in their pursuit of education. However "acting white" has been known to be portrayed as an African American individual that has chosen to speak properly and become serious about his or her life and future, and act in a manner that is not of the "ghetto" or "gangster" culture.

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“Acting White”

Since we see the girl acting with condescension and 5/5(2). In the book, Acting white, by Devon W. Carbado and mitu Gulati, their main argument is that the behavior of people is often stereotyped by race. Oct 28,  · When I was a little girl, I was skating in an ice arena with my sister.

We were cautiously holding on to the wall and each other as we moved around the rink when two guys pushed by us. Jul 24,  · Watch video · Crystal Wright is tired of blacks putting down other blacks by saying they are "acting white".

Essays on acting white
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