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Release[ edit ] Two days after Io non ho paura appeared at the Berlin Film Festival in Februarythirty-two countries had purchased the film. How does Ammaniti recreate the texture and atmosphere of childhood in his novel. It focuses intently on the different ways characters face their fears and ultimately triumph against them or how they give in to them.

How do they manipulate and betray the innocence of childhood. Startled, Michele is suddenly staring down at a zombie-like young boy stumbling out of the darkness and into view.

I'm Not Scared

The film was based on Niccolo Ammaniti sensational Italian novel Niccolo wrote the script for the movie. Felice was motivated by boredom he was a young man stuck in a isolation village woman less. In stripped back prose Ammaniti reveals so much about humans and the sometimes emotionally strained relationships between children and adults — and always, despite the heavy drama, humour is not that far away.

The director spoke with psychologists about the impact of filming on the residents. The wheat hills "rolled over me and buried" Michele. What is the literal and symbolic meaning in the novel about "falling into darkness".


Later, he promises his father not to seek Filippo anymore. What aspects of Michele's way of seeing himself and the world indictate that he is a child. Michele, to his shock, gradually comes to realize that his own father is involved in the kidnapping, as well as some other men in the town.

I'm Not Scared explores the playful and volatile world of childhood through the eyes of nine-year-old Michele, who is forced, again and again, to make the hard choices that will define his character. It went on to win the Premio Strega in Why does Michele break his oath to his father and visit Filippo.

Michele finds that the boy is actually alive, although he is very weak. Why does Michele identify with Filippo so strongly. The other kidnappers are also not vilified in the way Hollywood movies tend to do. The justice system imposed heavy punishment on the kidnappers and quick arrests were made which somehow explains why everything goes bad for the kidnappers.

Michele climbs down to collect the bread back from the boy. What is the literal and symbolic significance, in terms of the novel, of falling into darkness.

What hard lessons does he learn about the adult world?. Below is an essay on "I'm Not Scared" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I'm Not Scared by Niccolo Ammaniti

I’m not scared by Niccolo Ammaniti is about the loss childlike purity and innocence and adult cruelty. However, these are not the sole themes of the novel, trust is also conspicuously shown throughout the novel. These.

Loss of innocence- “I’m not scared” The loss of innocence is a major theme in “I’m not scared”. The understanding I obtained about the loss of innocence in the film “I’m not scared.

Niccolò Ammaniti (Italian pronunciation: [nikkoˈlɔ ammaˈniːti]; born 25 September ) is an Italian writer, winner of the Premio Strega on for As God Commands (also published under the title The Crossroads). He became noted in with the publication of I'm Not Scared (Io non ho paura), a novel which was later made into a movie directed by Gabriele Salvatores.

Niccolo Ammaniti. Niccolo Ammaniti was born in Rome in He is the author of seven novels and two short-story collections. Several of his novels have been adapted for film, including Steal You Away, which was longlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize, The Crossroads, winner of the Premio Strega Prizeand the international bestseller I’m Not Scared, which won the.

I'm Not Scared: Character development & Analysis. Together we will explore the many characters central to Niccolo Ammaniti's I'm Not Scared. In particular we will be focusing on the development of Michele and how his life has been changed forever through his discoveries and the events that unfold in the small town of Acqua Traverse.

Topic: I'm not scared,' is a rites of passage novel which charts Michele's journey from innocence into a maturity beyond his years.


Niccolo Ammaniti's I'm not scared,' charts the life of a young boy named Michele Amitrano who has to deal with issues that are not a common occurrence of a 9yr old boy.

Im not scared niccolo ammaniti essays
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