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To mean that you cannot abandon your first pot, for your first pot is always the best one. In this poem Okot shows himself to be a master of English free verse. They are sung and adapted by singer after singer, and each singer is free to create in his own way and change the song to fit current events or refer to his own girl-friend.

She first displays her wit forcefully at the beginning of Chapter two, where she Lawino makes a mockery of modern notions of beauty, including the use of make-up and cosmetics, by comparing her rival, Clementine, the girl of modern ways, to what in traditional Acoli Society must be regarded as the ugliest and most weird of all creatures.

Ocol is completely filled with hatred towards Lawino with the way he insult, laughing at her as if Lawino is a salt-less ash, an ojou insect.

For what Lawino is really concerned with is a personal matter—her rivalry with her husband's mistress Kelementina. We quote a long passage to show how she builds up her argument: They are one or two verses repeated with musical accompaniment.

Ocol's new wife, unlike Lawino, is thoroughly Europeanized. Why should the Massai wear trousers. She does not mind them following their own ways. But the idea of a long poem is now a rather strange one in either tradition.

They grow wild throughout Acoli land. The domestic situation and the character of Lawino in themselves provide a fairly consistent level of meaning in the poem. Partly because of the familiarity of these features to all Africans, Song of Lawino has become one of the most successful African literary works.

Sadly, the written literature of the African nations has been clearly separated in many people's minds from the oral literary heritage that is present in every African community. So Ocol turns to a different culture that can provide him more comfort.

However, the depiction of the Acholi dancer emits an aura of fruitfulness and serenity, whereas the Western dances are rather filthy. Imagery becomes very interesting when Lawino uses unhygienic or ugly comparison to something we would see as clean like the hot water or pretty like the hairstyle of the English women.

Because he works in the government, he wants to modernize Africa in those values.

Song of Lawino: Cultural Duality and Universality Essay Sample

This repetition can be used over a few lines, as in this example, or to tie together a whole chapter. It is only a prelude to a more generalized attack on European social and cultural values which go against traditional codes of behaviour. In graphic metaphor and with grammatical intensity, the author presents the conflict between modern civilization and old traditions.

And the poem is full of such references to songs, carrying meanings that have been built up over years of familiarity with the words.

Song of Ocol was needed to add this extra dimension.

They grow wild throughout Acoli land. With the simple imagery given, yet so specifically chosen from the environment of the Acoli tribe, I could even understand what Lawino is saying despite being a non-native speaker of English.

Do not think my tongue Is being sharpened by jealousy. The language and imagery of Song of Ocol lack the references to oral tradition which give Song of Lawino some of its richness, but Okot shows himself well able to create his own imagery.


There is no doubt that, as Taban lo Liyong has said: It is not an epic poem, it is not a narrative poem, it is not the private meditations of the poet. To uproot pumpkins, even when you are moving to a new homestead, is simple wanton destruction.

Does she react in the way we would expect women in such a situation to react. The poet has used the proverb in closing this second chapter which is an Acoli proverb: Other writers have satirised aspects of life together or appealed to such a wide audience.

Ocol thinks the way Lawino does her hair is ugly; then she laments: One source of pleasure in the poem is the poet's evident delight in the use of words.

Okot p'Bitek p'Bitek, Okot (Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism) - Essay

This repetition is missing from the English version, and the description is filled out with a little explanation, as the scene is unfamiliar to non-Acoli readers. Chapter Five looks at question of what is considered beautiful.

She is simply mystified and annoyed that Ocol prefers a woman who is no younger than her and can match her in none of her womanly accomplishments. Should it honor its traditions, or should it adapt the European values that were already set in place during colonialism.

In the introduction to Song of Lawino, George A. Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol PAGE * MERGEFORMAT 1 Okot p'Bitek worked as anthropologist, poet, novelist an even footballer which led him to go and being educated in England on law and anthropology and later literature.

Song of Lawino- Imagery

Song of Lawino Essay The son of lawino Literary analysis In the poem Song of Lawino racism reared its ugly head in a rather ridiculous form, some people might argue that any form of racism is ridiculous, which is very understandable, but in this particular situation in my opinion it is worst than the segregation in America throughout the.

Published: Wed, 07 Jun In Song of Lawino, by Okot p’bitek, the main theme revolves around Lawino attacking Ocol, her husband who had left her for a. SOURCE: Heron, G. A. “Introduction.” In Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol, by Okot p'Bitek, pp.

London and Ibadan: Heinemann, [In the following introduction to p'Bitek's Song of. Okot P’ Bitek’s Song of Lawino was first published in the Acholi language, before being translated into English in Winning recognition on two grounds, style and theme, it is also arguably one of the longest and most substantive works of fiction from Africa.

Song of Lawino- Imagery Essay. Words Dec 1st, 3 Pages. Show More. Lawino, the Acoli woman, the wife of an abusive husband and the main voice of this song uses this poem to sing out her thoughts.

They involve a lot of imagery of different kinds to various everyday things surrounding us.

Song of lawino poem essay
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